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Sports Therapy

Once an athlete, always an athlete. We will work with you to address the root cause and get you moving again quicker. We can utilize a wide variety of manual therapy techniques to help modulate pain including soft tissue mobilization, cupping, Graston/myofascial release techniques and neurological dry needling. We follow up with exercises and programming tailored specifically to your condition and the activities you want to be doing pain-free. 

Chronic Pain

Has your back or neck been bothering you for years? Have you always had a "bad" knee? We have a proven track record for getting clients out of chronic pain. Give us a try - we promise we're different.

Running Rehab

From weekend warriors to multi-marathoners, we get that runners don't want to stop running. We'll work with you to identify what's causing your pain and keep it from coming back.

Dry Needling

Neurological dry needling can help you tap into your nervous system to recover from injuries faster.

Cycling Rehab

Utilizing a biomechanical approach, we systematically address what's causing your unique pain while cycling.

Sports Injuries

It's never "too soon" to be seen after an injury. Whether 1 hour or 1 week after an injury, we'll guide you through each phase of healing.

Concussion Rehab

Recovering from a concussion requires muscular and cognitive rehabilitation. We're here to help you navigate your recovery and successfully return to your sport.

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